Monday, March 12, 2018

Marmalade's Wrestling Pros

Marmalade's Double Doodle Puppies will all be heading to their new homes this weekend.  We will miss their puppy hugs and snuggles!!!!
Olive says, "They are good little puppies!"
Thanks Olive! 
Olive always shows us the best places to play 
I'm ready for takeoff! 
Me toooo!
Flying Puppy Ears! 
I am airborne! 
I'm an Easter bunny! 
Do you know what else we can do? 
I'm down and I can't get up....... 
Just kidding! 
Wrestling with friends is the best 
Let's have a wrestle line 
I will hold onto you and.....go! 
Hey wait a minute.... 
This is not a good game! 
Let's do something else instead 
We will just play follow the leader 
Until it is time to go back inside 
That's all folks!
Happy Monday!

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