Thursday, April 5, 2018

I SEE you making this again!

It was definitely nice to have a dry day here at Yesteryear Acres! It wasn't even brutally cold which made the day even more enjoyable.
The fish are just starting to emerge from their winter hibernation 
We got a few fish to come up to nibble on the fish chow but most are still waiting to the real Spring weather to arrive.
McGyver really enjoyed his walk. He definitely thinks Spring is right around the corner even though there was ice on the ground this morning. He is always glad to help feed the fishies!
I thought I would help to see Spring arriving more clearly by making some Carrot Ginger Soup for dinner. Nothing says spring like fresh carrots!!!!!
We invited my mom to join us for dinner and here is my first attempt at Buttermilk Gluten Free Bread.  I can't say it is the most beautiful loaf I have ever made but it was super moist and my mom loved it. I wrapped up the rest of the loaf and let her take it home with her. Shhhhhhh ..... tomorrow I will be back to my "real" bread baking!!!! I don't think gluten-free baking is my specialty!  The soup was great though!  I can SEE me making it again!  At least that's what Mr. Yesteryear Acres says!!!!!

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