Monday, April 30, 2018

Caramel and Chocolate Adorableness!

Nutmeg's Double Doodle puppies will all be venturing to their new homes this weekend.  We will miss Nutmeg's Chocolate and Caramel Adorableness!
Looks like another beautiful day 

To play with Mr. Yesteryear Acres!!!! 
Where shall we go 
What shall we do? 
Looks like Mr. Yesteryear Acres has something for us! 
What is it? 
What does it taste like? 
Oh! An Orange squishy ball! 
We all want a turn 
Let me lick it 
WAIT!  I am not done! 
I think I will eat Mr. Yesteryear Acres hair until it is my turn! 
He loves when we do that! 
I will just wait patiently for my turn 
I got it!!!! 
I found a stick 
And it is all mine! 
Mr. Yesteryear Acres we love you 
And we love snuggle time 
Thanks for playing with us.  KISS! 
Happy Monday!

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