Sunday, April 8, 2018

Saturday Night Puppy Socializing

One of the most important tasks when raising a puppy is to be sure to properly socialize your puppy.  Introducing your puppy to different sounds and smells and noises and people and places will make your puppy a confident well-adjusted puppy. Your puppy should have good experiences at a young age with various types of stimuli.  The more places you take your puppy, the better adjusted your puppy will be.  Here at Yesteryear Acres we are lucky in that we have older dogs to help socialize our puppies as well as horses and kitties and we have woods and open fields and a big pond.  We have various types of surfaces our young puppies can learn to master as well as tractor sounds and machinery and other loud noises so they learn to not startle at any sudden new sounds.  We play a variety of music plus we make crazy sounds throughout the day so they get used to everything.  Vacuums! Pot lids dropping! Roosters crowing!  Dishwashers! We try a little bit of everything. Once our Doodle puppies head to their new homes, we hope the socializing doesn't stop.  We practice what we preach so Saturday night doesn't mean movie night is puppy socializing time!
Everyone loves a late night trip to the farm store!
Oooh! Baby Chicks!
Puppy Manners are always important
May I please look at the doggie toys?
I think this hedgehog wants to come home with us!
Puppy Socializing Adventures are always fun!

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