Friday, April 20, 2018

Warm Puppies

Grits is getting closer and closer to her due date.  Her puppies are really moving around in her big belly now.  It is fun to watch the little paws kicking whenever Grits is resting. Grits has decided that she needs EXTRA pampering now that it is almost time for her to deliver.  Whenever we eat, Grits looks at us with eyes that say, "Please....just a bite!" Her dog food is suddenly boring and our meals are the most interesting, most delicious, most desirable thing EVER. She has even developed a new habit of drooling while watching us eat. Ewwwww!  Please Grits STOP!  Mr. Yesteryear Acres of course says things like, "Grits, can I make you a scrambled egg for breakfast?"  Grits always says, "YES PLEASE!"   Last night when we sat down to relax, Grits decided she needed a blanket just for her puppies.  That Grits sure knows how to get the extra "You are ALMOST a MOMMY treatment!!!!"
Warm Puppies....Happy Mommy Dog

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