Wednesday, April 25, 2018

How does this work?

Sugar's Goldendoodle puppies decided to help us put up a puppy play area in the yard.
We are ready to help you!
Putting up the puppy gates is hard work
Hey.....we are on the inside!
How does this work?
We can't get out!
It is impossible
Now what do we do?
Can you give me a paw?
I will try pushing on the gate
Nope...there is no way out
Well there is only one thing we can do
We are going to have to look for some help
What do you mean, help is on the inside??????
Mr. Yesteryear Acres!!!!!  You were in here with us the whole time????
Hooray!  That was fun!  Want to play, "How does this work" again? 

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