Monday, April 9, 2018

Mommy Time is still the Best Time!

Our Doodle puppies are becoming more and more active each day.  They love to toddle about and do a little bit of puppy wrestling with one another.  Mommy time is still the best time though!!!!
Mango's Double Doodle Puppies will start solid food this week 
Mango's 2 light apricot boys are looking at their yummy new dinner! 
Mango's 2 Apricot boys say, "Why that looks delicious!" 
Mango's girls say, "Time to eat!!!!" 
Nutmeg's Double Doodle Boys are adorable! 
2 Chocolate Boys 
And one caramel boy! 
Don't forget the girls! 
We are adorable too! 
Chocolate hugs 
and Caramel hugs!
Sugar's Goldendoodle Boys really wanted to go back to their mommy 
Do we have to take pictures? 
Can we leave now? 
How about now?????? 
Sugar's girls decided picture time wasn't too bad after all
Here is to another Happy Puppy Picture Monday!

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