Thursday, June 28, 2018

Day 3 - Hurry!!!!

Today we hit the show floor running.  We had so much to do and limited time to get it done.  We decided the best strategy would be to divide and conquer.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres started at the 1000 block and I started at the 6000 block. One by one we re-visited our favorite vendors and finalized our orders. We cannot wait until all our Doggie Goodies start arriving at Yesteryear Acres!
Mr. Yesteryear Acres REALLY wants to bring home this dog tag engraving machine for all our puppy families to use! I am still not sure ....what if a new puppy family doesn't have a name picked out yet? It is really cool for those families who are ready for an engraved doggie tag though!
Just look at these Great Danes getting a drink from a dog bath system.  Just the right height for a drink! 
I know our Doodle puppies will love these! 
These caps turn any empty water bottle into a Squeaker Water Bottle!!!!  Then you can put the empty squeaker bottle into a toy! Cool! 
Of all our many many many toys at Yesteryear Acres - this one is the most coveted.  I can't wait until our doggies open a giant box full of nothing but squeaky basketballs! 
A mystery ring....can be used for a variety of games!
A puzzle for the doggies!  How do I get the food out?
Everyone loves squeaky doggies! 
The new fun toy for the pond!  It always floats upright! 
Doggies!!!!!  I bet you can't wait for us to come home! 
I love this clicker design!!!!  Can't wait to start puppy training with it!
Super Zoo 2018 - A Big Success!

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