Sunday, June 10, 2018

Let's not tell him

We had quite a busy day here at Yesteryear Acres but still managed to squeeze in some fun activities for humans AND doggies!
First up a little homemade pita bread 
Whatever can we put inside this hot fresh baked bread?
Well we do have several quarts of fresh picked berries..... 
Time to make Strawberry Jam!!!!  
Of course after every good meal, exercise is needed!!!!!
If you look closely in the hay field, you MAY see some Doodle Doggies 
There is a slight chance that I MAY have let them play hide and seek in the hay......

The doggies may have had a GREAT time playing in a certain location that Mr. Yesteryear Acres MAY have said that doggies shouldn't play.
Thank goodness he doesn't read the blog!
Let's not tell him!

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