Wednesday, June 13, 2018

What is Black and White and Muddy all Over?

What is black and white and muddy all over I ask you? If you guessed some of our doodles.... you would be correct! My Sister's dogs, Blossom and Bear, decided to use outdoor fetch time as "let's pretend we are pigs and slop in the mud fun time." I swear I looked away for ONE second and returned my eyes to see this....
Mister Bear!!! What are you doing!?!
What Amelia?! I see nothing wrong here...
I was just playing like the pigs do! 
I am now a pig-a-doodle!
And Uhhh Blossom started it!
Something tells me that Blossom's few muddy patches are indications that Blossom did not in fact start this game Mister Bear...
You both need a bath!
No!!! We are only playing fetch now! We swear!

Something tells me that these two new Pig-a-Doodles will be visiting the bathtub tonight!
Silly doodle dogs!



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