Friday, June 29, 2018

Tail Wagging Waiting

Back here at the Yesteryear Acres home front, all our doodle doggies are waiting with their tails wagging for the Super Zoo deliveries to arrive! They can't WAIT for Mr. and Mrs. Yesteryear Acres to come back home! We have been showing the doggies all the pictures and videos that our Mom and Dad have taken on their trip and MAN are our dogs PUMPED to open the suitcases and help 'test' some of the samples. They have started stalking the mail lady, UPS, and FedEx trucks that drive by. I think I am beginning to speak dog quite well now... I believe all their excited barks and yips are actually saying "HELLO! DO YOU HAVE THE BOXES FOR US?! EXCUSE ME HUMAN?!?! DO YOU HAVE THE MAGICAL BOXES OF HAPPINESS FOR US?!?" They say this to each truck that even slightly slows down on the road. I think the yard looks like it has been swept and dusted from all the happy duster like tails wagging on the ground. I told them they need to be patient! But BOY OH BOY are they going to love what is coming!
So here they are... Tail wagging waiting for all their goodies to arrive! 
Blue is wondering what goodies will be for her puppies due this summer
Maverick says "I can't wait to see what the new pond toys do!"
Two 'Honorary Doodles' reporting for super chewing testing duty!
Sigh... Waiting is the hardest Part!

Don't Worry Doodles! We can't wait either!!!! Are they here yet!!?



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