Friday, June 22, 2018

The Adventures of Rosie

This week I have had the pleasure of working with Grits' Double Doodle girl named Rosie. She is such a sweetheart! Miss Rosie has been a CHAMP working on leash and potty training through all this crazy weather. She went from "rock" - I can't possibly walk with this thing attached to my neck- to "real life puppy" - hey where are we going next!? REALLY quickly! I was super impressed. She is down to only crying 5 minutes in her crate at night and finally had her first accident free night! I am so proud :) :) We have had a wonderful week of adventures together...
With lots of kisses
Sleep over parties
Snuggle sessions
Frozen washcloth teething time- A redirection technique I LOVE and so did Rosie 
Countless selfies with my new bestie
Adventure walks
With a few more naps thrown in!
Rosie has grown so much in one week!
I can't wait for you to meet your furever family sweet Rosie Posey! 
Thanks for starting your training with me!

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