Friday, August 24, 2018

Do You Want To....

Without a doubt our Doodle Doggies favorite question is, "Do you want to play ball?" Actually all you have to say is "Do you want to....." and the answer is always YES YES YES YES.  Do you want to go for a ride? Do you want to go for a swim? Do you want to go for a walk?  Do you want to cuddle?  "Do you want to...." is always followed by something awesome! The Doodle Doggie tails start wagging furiously at the mention of the word, "Do".  Today's question was, "Do you want to play Double Toss?"
Why just play with a single ball toss? 
When a Double Toss is twice as much fun! 
Oh Boy Oh Boy! 
And if you are wondering 
Just how long they can play this game..... 
I hope this answers your question.
"Do you want to play glow in the dark ball?"

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