Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Can't I be in this picture?

Truffles Double Doodle puppies have opened their eyes and are in the beginning stages of toddling about.
Truffles Chocolate Cuties 
Boys on the left - Girls on the right 
Or shall we say...
 3 little chocolates to the left, 1 big chocolate girl to the right! 
"I am not big, I am just plump!" 
All Truffles cuties! 
2 Chocolate boys, 2 chocolate girls, 1 Caramel Boy, 3 Caramel Girls 
Family pose! 
Caramel Cuties 
Boy to the left - Girls to the Right 
Truffles Caramel Boy 
"Why can't I be in this picture?"
Caramel Girls
Happy Wednesday!

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