Saturday, August 4, 2018

New Best Friends

Maverick is proud to announce that he has a new best friend! Jethro! The two doodles are LOVING playing fetch and chase outside. They are spending a lot of quality time together. It really warms my heart to see them get along so well! Maverick now runs to the back door with Jethro and grabs a ball for them to play with. It is the cutest thing ever!!! Jethro is really starting to excel with learning fetch! I am one proud doodle-trainer Mama!
Are you ready Jethro?
Do you want to play Fetch?
Alright keep your eye on the ball... 
Good Job! Bring it back!
Good Boy!
Ready for another toss?
Looks like Maverick is the winner of this throw!
Now the game is 'Catch me if you can!'
How about some 'Follow the Leader?'
Haven't you always wanted a shadow?
New Best Friends

What a great day!!



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