Thursday, August 16, 2018

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Facebook has changed their policy on allowing our daily blog link to be posted on my personal facebook page.  Our blog will still show up on the official Yesteryear Acres Labradoodles and Goldendoodles Facebook page so if you "Like" or "Follow Us" on there, you won't miss any of tail wagging devotion! For all our Doodle friends on my page, please head on over to Yesteryear Acres for......
Doodle Walks 
Doodle Games 
Doodle Fetch 
Doodle Smiles 
Doodle "Sit" 
Doodle Cuddles 
Doodle Naps 
Doodle Best Friends 
Doodle Kisses 
Doodle Snuggles 
Doodle Puppies 
Doodle Sillies 
Doodle Hugs 
Doodle Friends 
Doodle Swimming  
Doodle Doodle 
Doodle Paddleboarding 
Doodle Hikes 
Doodle Dock Jumping 
Doodle Gardening 
Doodle Movie Time 
Doodle Lap Time 
Doodle Snow Time 
and endless tail wagging devotion!

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