Friday, September 28, 2018

Mailbox Full of Tail Wags

Nothing brightens our day more than receiving pictures of our cute Yesteryear Acres puppies at their new homes.  Everyone loves a mailbox full of tail wags!!!
Napping Doodle
Playtime Doodle 
Late Night TV Doodle 
Porch Doodle 
Double Double Doodle 
Take My Picture Doodle 
Animal Planet Doodle 
Couch Doodle 
Chair Doodle 
Stick Doodle 
Watch me Grow Doodle 
I Love my Blankie Doodle 
I Love My Dad Doodle 
Cool Shades Doodle
All those in favor of more Doodle Pictures - Raise your Paw!
We love our Doodle Doggie Pictures!

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