Saturday, September 15, 2018

Maverick's New Job

My goldendoodle Maverick LOVES to help me work every day. He is the best Doodle Doggie a girl could ask for! To show Maverick how much I appreciate his hard work and dedication, he has recently been given a promotion! 
Everyone say hello to the new Yesteryear Acres Recycling Manager! 
Maverick's new responsibilities includes breaking down boxes to fit into the recycling bin. He takes his new job very seriously.... 
First, every box must be inspected for size
Second, they must be sniffed to ensure all contents have been removed
Once the first two stages are complete, then the real fun begins...
Doodle Destruction Mode Activated
Each box ends up perfectly flattened and ready to recycle!
With Maverick Doodle around, No box gets left behind!

Thanks for helping the environment Maverick!!!
I hope you like your new doodle duties!



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