Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Puddle Paws Party

Truffles Double Doodle Puppies didn't let a little liquid sunshine damper their fun times! It is time for a Puddle Paws Party!

The humans said this would be fun....I'm not so sure

Come on puppies you can do it!

I doooo see puddles down there.....

I found mud to play in!!

They were right! This is fun already!

I wanna play too!

Sluuuuuuurp! I love your rain boots!

Come splash in the puddles with us!!

They are over this way!

We even learned how to go potty outside in the rain!

It's easy!

Hey can we run around together?!

Ready or not here we come!

Let's catch her!

We are having so much fun! 

Jumping in the puddles is my favorite!

Now we have Puddle Paws!!!

Refreshments from the sky!!

I only need one more thing to make today perfect....


Splish Splash 'cause we are takin' a bath outsideeee!

The humans were right! We love the rain!

Do you think these rain boots fit me?

Uhhhh I think they are a little big on you

One more potty break before we head back inside

I love our puddle paws party so much! Thanks for playing with us!

I caught a rain drop!

What a perfect day!
Don't forget to make the little moments a party- we hope you have a good day!

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