Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Thankfulness Day 14- Ernie's Potty Training Progress

Today I am thankful for Ernie's progress in his potty training! He has been accident free overnight since his second night at my house, and hasn't had a mid day accident inside for 5 days! I think he is really getting the hang of it! I am even more grateful that he is starting to be able to walk outside by himself without me needing to carry him. I am VERY grateful for that because Ernie McDoodle is becoming one big Doodle! Today he weighed in at 19 pounds!!! Professor Maverick Doodle has been very helpful with Ernie's progress as well! Maverick always sets an excellent example of going outside, doing his business, and coming back to the door. Ernie has really started to follow Maverick's lead a ton and I couldn't be happier :) I am so thankful to have my own puppy to watch grow and become a master of going potty outside! I love my goofy doodle dogs!
Look Mom! I am being cute outside like a good boy!
Wait for me Maverick!
I love following my brother 
Especially when it is cuddle time!
I am so thankful for my adorable doodles!



P.S. If you LOVE Ernie as much as I do, he has 3 cousins left looking for loving furever homes! Maple's Double Doodles are ready to sit at your Thanksgiving Table and give thanks for family :) 

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