Friday, November 9, 2018

Thankfulness Day 9 - So Much Love

Yesteryear Acres is a place of unconditional love.  Puppy Love.  Doodle Doggie Love. Family Love.  There is nothing better than waking up every day surrounded by love and going to bed surrounded by love and all the moments in between - so much love!
Our medium size Goldendoodle puppies are happy to share their love with you!
Hooray! The rain stopped! 
Let's hurry and play before the next shower begins 
We like playing no matter what the weather brings! 
First thing on our play list...
Let's find Bri! 
Time for kisses! 
and cuddles! 
Thanks for the love Bri! 
Hey look! It is Abigail! 
Let's shower her with love too! 
And Amelia! 
Cuddle pile!!! 
We have so much love to share! 
Thanks for the fun snuggle session
Cuddling is what we do best!

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