Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Thankfulness Day 28- Ernie's First Winter Wonderland

Today I am so thankful for the little snowfall we have been having. I LOVE snow and so does Maverick doodle. I have been anxious to see if Ernie McDoodle would like the snow as much as we do, and I am so thankful that the answer is a big YES! Ernie has been loving his very first winter wonderland. He is a 26.25lbs silly snow doodle! Did you know that every stick and every leaf in the yard is infinitely more interesting and a million times more delicious!?! Ernie says he knows!!
Oh my goodness this white stuff is delicious! 
Yes little brother, but have you tried the snow covered sticks yet?
Come follow me! I'll show you how to roll in the snow too!
How did I do Maverick? I think I get to keep some on my nose!
*Slurp* MMMMM!! I do love the snow!!

I am SNOW Thankful for my silly snow doodles!



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