Monday, November 19, 2018

Thankfulness Day 19 - Turkey Shopping

This morning my older daughter and I left the house bright and early to get all of our Thanksgiving shopping finished.  We were not the only people to think of this and I am very thankful we were still able to get a nice huge turkey for our Thanksgiving feast! The store was packed but we got everything on our list and we are definitely ready to start cooking and baking. While we were busy shopping my daughter Amelia was busy working with our two available puppies.  They are doing GREAT with basic puppy commands.  They are fast learners!
Raggedy and Glacier's Camo Collar Boy 
He is a medium size Goldendoodle 
and will mature to 45lbs 
He has a long wavy coat 
And is a happy tail-wagging puppy 
He is doing great with potty training 
Comes when he is called 
and follows us everywhere 
He is ready for his new home now
and he is ready to give lots of puppy hugs!
Maple's Pink Argyle Collar Double Doodle Girl 
is a gentle lovebug 
who loves to give kisses 
and more kisses! 
She is very good at playing leaf fetch 
And will bring the leaf back to you 
every time! 
Her tail is always wagging
and she is just a big butterball of love 
She has a super silky long wavy coat 
and will mature to 65lbs 
She is looking for her FURever family 
And is ready to give 
for your holiday week!
Happy Monday!

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