Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Thankfulness Day 7- I Get to Keep Him!?

I am so thankful to be able to write today's blog on my own Yesteryear Acres moment. As many of you know, my doodle Maverick, came to me as a rescue at 1.5 years old. The family who had gotten him were unable to care for him the way he needed and Maverick had developed some not so desirable habits with them. 2 years ago I had my very first Yesteryear Acres moment when I met "Ted" the resource guarding goldendoodle who bonded to me instantly and is now known as Maverick. Since then Maverick and I have been inseparable. Maverick is SUCH a good boy with the very best manners. I love my goldendoodle boy more than I can put into words. I firmly believe that Maverick saved me just as much as I saved Maverick. I am so thankful for him each and every day. The one thing that has always made me so sad was missing out on Maverick's puppy years. I really wish I would have been there for all his growing moments and all of Maverick's firsts. With my passion for our family business and the burning desire to have a puppy, I started my own puppy training business, "Always Amelia". This has brought me so much joy and has reinforced my love of animals even more. I am thankful that all of my life moments have created this life path for myself. That being said, when allllll you want is a puppy, and you train them for everyone else and then give those sweet puppies to their new families .... IT IS REALLY HARD! In Marmalade's most recent double doodle litter I fell in love with Blue Pawprints Collar Boy. He was destined for another family and like always I had accepted that he already had his furever home. As fate and the universe and all the stars would have it, this family decided they needed a doodle with a curlier coat and switched to a Nutmeg puppy. Today I am thankful for my first ever Yesteryear Acres puppy moment! My wonderful loving amazing parents uttered this sentence to me "Do you want to keep him?" and I think I almost died right there on the spot!! I am so thankful and happy, no ECSTATIC, to announce that the Always Amelia Clan has grown by one!!
Everyone meet Ernest "Ernie" McDoodle!!! 
My very own double doodle puppy!!!
I am so thankful for his snuggles
His goofy personality
And my big loving furry family!
Stay tuned each Wednesday for the Growing 'Tails' of Ernie McDoodle :)
I'll share training tips and all things Ernie each week
I am thankful for a full heart of tailwagging devotion of my very own!

OH and P.S. Not that I am biased or anything, but if you agree that Ernie is the CUTEST puppy you have ever seen, his cousins, Maple's Double Doodles, are as adorable as he is and a few are still looking for their forever families! If you want your own Ernie McDoodle, they are ready for homes starting this weekend!




  1. Sooooooo excited for you! If I had the room, I’d have a house full of doodles! Enjoy every second with Mavericks new budd! P.S. Murphy is doing AMAZING!

  2. Waffles and I are so very happy for you Amelia! Puppy time passes so quickly, enjoy every minute.


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