Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Always Amelia takes on Studio YA

I am so excited! I finally got some time in the Yesteryear Acres Studio (aka Studio YA) and what was the first thing I wanted to do? Decorate my Doodles of course!!! I spent last night working on some doodle bandana ideas. I came up with two different prototypes for two very happy and willing Doodle "models". Before I unveil my first doodle wear collection, I would like to take this moment to give an awesome shout out to my Aunt Debbie, who used to have me over for long holiday weekends when I was growing up to teach me to sew! I am still a beginner (going to school and staying crafty was super difficult) but I am happy to report that her teachings have stayed with me. Thank You so much Aunt Debbie! 
My first bandana attempt was an embroidered single-sided fabric that should take to being washed many many many times - for Ernie McDoodle
Who doesn't love some Tail Wagging Devotion in their life?!

I even figured out how to make a loop for his collar to slip into the bandana! Now he can't Houdini his way out of his new look.

"Ohhh Mom I LOVE THIS"

"It even has my name on it!"

"Aren't I Fabulous?!"

Ernie McDoodle has been wearing his bandana allllll day today! I think he really likes it!

For my next attempt I made a double sided bandana for Maverick with iron on vinyl lettering. 
Maverick is much easier on his clothes, and so I am curious to see how the iron on letters hold up versus Ernie's embroidered design. 

I made a spot for a collar to slip through, but also made sure the bandana was long enough to have 'ties' at the end, to give it that good ole country feel. 

Professor Maverick Reporting for Modeling Duty

He let me know that he likes to wear his bandana both ways...

My decked out doodles!

I hope they are wondering what I am going to make for them next!!

Get ready for more decorated Doodles! Always Amelia is taking over Studio YA!



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