Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Comfort Doodle

This weekend I had the opportunity to go snowboarding and skiing for the first time. There is a mountain resort almost two hours away from us that I have always wanted to explore with real ski lifts and everything!! Being the smart people that we are, my friends and I purchased our tickets with the 'Never Ever' package which thankfully included a helmet and a beginner lesson on a snowboard. That being said, our lesson did NOT include how to stop on a snowboard and when a little girl ran out in front of me I had no other option but to fall. And when I say fall, I mean FALL REALLY REALLY HARD ON MY BUTT.  Now let it be known that as a true farm girl, I am not a complainer, but the rest of the day I was like MAN my butt really hurts. Nevertheless I continued the day, switched to skis, and we continued our snow adventure until after 10pm that night. Now I am going to give myself some major props here because it turns out I had actually dislocated my tailbone when I fell. It JUST finally popped back in two days ago. I have been walking around like an unmovable statue for the past week and I have been hardly any help to anyone here at Yesteryear Acres. On top of my guilt for not being productive at all, I haven't been able to take Ernie or Maverick on adventures or have any super fun playtime with them. With Ernie being such a puppy still, I have been worried he is going to get bored and full of puppy zoomies. I am SO proud of Ernie as he has been the BEST comfort doodle ever! He sits with me in the living room super quietly, he isn't pulling on his leash, he helps me get in and out of the chair, and he is constantly by my side. I am so incredibly thankful to have my comfort doodle!!! Maverick and Ernie always have their eyes on me and walk super slowly right next to me. If I have to be out of commission, I am so grateful to have such compassionate doggies to take care of me!! I am also very thankful that Ernie is getting tall enough that I don't have to bend down to pet him! 
Hello Human, How may I assist you?
I am here if you need anything...

No matter how long it takes you to get up

I will be right there, always.

Thank you for taking care of me, my sweet comfort doodles of mine!
Here's to a hopefully fast recovery! No one wants to break their butt! 



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