Friday, February 1, 2019

Ernie McDoodle Goes Back to Basics

Ernie McDoodle has entered the toddler tantrum stage. At 55.5lbs and almost 5 months old, he suddenly believes he can do what he wants.  Including... 
Pooping in my house!!! Ernie McDoodle has been potty trained for a majority of the past 2 months with no accidents! And this week he just WALKED into my living room without making a sound, and left me this smelly present.

So it is back to basics for this Doodle! Ernie is being tethered to me once again and we are working on his basic puppy manners with positive reinforcements.
I use a blend of high value treats, Cheerios, and pieces of his daily dog food
The amount of focus is incredible... You've never seen a more devoted doggie
Sit... He's on it
Ernie is also the champion of down

We have even added "Paw" to his repertoire. Ernie says PAW-sitive reinforcement is fun!   

Now all I have to do is shake my treat container and call "Ernie McDoode" and I have one responsive puppy!

With lots of playtime and exercise

Ernie is having fun AND remembering his good behaviors

Leaving me with one tired back on track doodle head!

Sometimes it is important to go back to the puppy basics and keep your doodle close to you for about a week or so. They will realize they in fact, cannot just start pooping in the house because they felt like it. Or sit at the bottom of the hill and stare at you as you shout "Ernie COME!" endlessly for all the neighbors to hear. With some tether training and treats, Ernie is well on his way to being the best double doodle ever! I am so lucky he is all mine!



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