Friday, February 8, 2019

Dear Tooth Fairy

Dear Tooth Fairy,

I have been losing a lot of my baby teeth and today I lost TWO back molar teeth! My mommy was a bit worried because I was bleeding a lot in my mouth, but I didn't feel them come out at all! I am so excited to become a big boy! I got some extra ice cubes- aka-water cookies today and Maverick says I need to put my teeth under my doggie bed tonight. He says they come back as special dog treats! OH HOW I LOVE TREATS!
See all my big teeth coming in? And my new spot for more to grow!

My mom saw the blood on my face, and the spots of blood I accidentally left of my brother Maverick. We were playing chase over a ball and then started roughhousing when I lost my second tooth 

I am really proud of this one! 

Mom and Auntie Abigail helped write my letter to you

I will be sure to put it under my doggie pillow! I can't wait to see you tonight!
Thank you in advance for the treats :) :) :) 


Ernie McDoodle

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