Thursday, December 12, 2019

Always Amelia's Christmas Cottage

I did it!!! I got my whole house decorated for the pawlidays! Thank goodness I had lots and lots of paws to help get everything just right.
Time to put up the tree! Come on Mom!
Yep, says here Hands with thumbs required for assembly...
Thank goodness Mom remembered to put on Beauty and the Beast while she, I mean we, decorate!
Are all the lights plugged in Merlin?
Yes Mom! We are ready to plug in the tree!
We need more ornaments back here!
How about this one little kitten?!
Oh can I hang my ornament pleaaaaase!?
Oh perfect placement Merlin!
Now time to hang the bows
Hang up our stocking garland and set up our mini tree...

Oh Mom we just love our tree!
Pawliday Perfection! 
Man that was hard work!
Now all we have to do is dream of the night Santa Claus will arrive!!

Always Amelia's Christmas Cottage is officially ready for the Pawlidays!



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