Friday, December 13, 2019

Merlin the Doodle

Ernie McDoodle is doing an excellent job of raising his little kitten Merlin. Merlin and Ernie are inseparable. The only thing is...
 I don't think Merlin knows that he isn't a doodle dog!! 
Um Merlin? Do you know that is dog food?
You know for dogs?
But Mom! Every animal is an honorary doodle!
If he sleeps like a doodle
Cuddles like a doodle
Follows you from room to room like a doodle
Watches over the house like a doodle
Then my kitty is a doodle! Alright Mom?
Of course Ernie McDoodle! My apologies! Your kitty is now officially a doodle!! 
I am one lucky doodle Mama!



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