Tuesday, December 3, 2019


We had to say goodbye to our sweet Scooter last night.  Scooter was 
15 1/2 years old and our constant companion.  He weighed less than five pounds soaking wet but could keep all our big Doodle Doggies in line.  He took care of puppies, kitties, humans - Scooter was there for us all. Saying goodbye to our bestest little buddy was heartbreakingly sad.  
If only doggies could stay around forever....
Scooter weighed just over one pound when we brought him home 
He was everybody's little buddy 
In fact his nickname was "Scooter Buddy" 
Scooter's favorite activity was "Ice Cream O'Clock" each evening with Mr. Yesteryear Acres.  Vanilla ice cream was his favorite.
All of our activities involved Scooter ... from lifting weights 
to going on adventures
Scooter was always there
He has welcomed new family members with a cuddle 
and loved being cuddled right back 
Scooter was a dog's best friend 
and a cat's best friend
but most of all - he was our best friend
Our bed will sure feel empty tonight
Rest in Peace Scooter Buddy

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