Saturday, August 29, 2020

YA Studio Criss Cross

Keeping SEW busy is just what we love to do in the YA Studio!  This week we drafted then re-drafted and then made a few more modifications to finally finish our Criss Cross Apron pattern!
We started last Sunday 
And loved our first drafts 
Reversible with pockets on both sides 
And then we thought.......
This pattern could be even better 
So we started making version 2.0  
Which was better than version 1.0 
But still needed more modifications. 
So it was back to the drawing board....literally! 
And TA DA!  Version 3.0 was perfect!
Introducing the YA Studio Criss Cross Apron! 
No bothersome ties 
Easy to slip on  
Available in SEW many colors! 
And when you want something a bit different...
Just flip your apron around for a brand new look! 
This is the reverse side of the polka dot apron. 
We are SEW happy to make custom orders 
and we have a few Criss Cross Aprons ready to ship 
SEW order yours today 
Happy YA Studio Saturday!

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