Tuesday, August 25, 2020

On our way to 104!

The yearly goal for canning tomatoes is 104 quarts.  
That gives us 2 quarts of tomatoes per week.  
Canning season is officially off to a great start!
Today was a hot one in the garden! According to the weather channel, it felt like 98*.  The weather channel was right! Whew!
We also had to deal with intermittent downpours 
But don't worry - we got today's haul of tomatoes in! 
Ready to start 
First canner load 
Let the cooking begin 
Time to fill up the quart jars. 
We were able to get three loads done today.
24 down.
Only 80 more to go! 
We love the garden from our head TO*MA*TOES.

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