Thursday, August 6, 2020

The Growing Tails of Ernie McDoodle: Team Herbivore

Mr. Yesteryear Acres' garden is bursting with fresh delicious veggies ready to harvest! As a vegetarian, every fresh veggie bite just makes my soul do a delicious dance, and guess what!? I am not the only one chanting "Team Herbivore!" My silly Ernie McDoodle just LOVES vegetables! My Dad always jokes (but also not joking at all) that Ernie is not allowed in the garden unsupervised! He is Mister Veggie Doodle! Today while my Dad and I were bringing in our garden bounty, Ernie McDoodle took inventory of our haul.
Look how much the garden is growing!!
The best kind of flowers I know!
"Mmm! Yes Mr. Yesteryear Acres, those are perfect cauliflowers"
And Ernie McDoodle wasn't wrong! We ate all 3 of these for dinner!
Eggplant check... 
Ernie say, "EGGcellent"
"What do you mean look, but don't taste?"
"Wait I have to count how many eggplants?"
This many my silly doodle!!!
What do you think about these beautiful red tomatoes and...
Some green bell peppers?
"It sounds like we better make some homemade salsa Mom!"
We can't forget the okra! Okra fries are now on the menu!
And last but not least...
Ernie McDoodle's favorite! Green beans!! (Aka the veggie he knows he is allowed to eat)
"Uhhh I don't know what happened to this one... You might want to show me another one..."
"RAWR!" Let's hear it for the Herbivores! 
I love you my sweet veggie doodle!!



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