Saturday, August 1, 2020

Sew Comfy YA Studio

We are SEW excited because we finally got our shipment of super comfy elastic for face masks! There has been a significant elastic shortage in the United States and we have been lucky enough to have elastic in stock for the past 4-5 months.  We have been trying to find a softer elastic as we would like our masks to be as comfortable as possible and it is here!!!!!
This is a nice soft rolled elastic
We are ready for super comfy mask orders!!!!
We also have been working on quilted bags
and key fobs!
They come with exterior and interior pockets or interior pockets only
They are strong with nice comfortable handles
You have to be able to find your keys!
We have many fabrics to choose from
And the interior pockets keep everything organized
Love Amelia's Polka Dots!
Tiddlywinks and Elephants!
Glasses and phone always handy
Amelia's favorite colors
And just when I didn't think I could get any more done this week, I designed and made a purse organizer. The perfect insert for being ultra organized!
Able to hold cell phone, pens, glasses, tablet, etc. It folds and fits perfectly inside a medium or large bag.
With bonus pockets on the back!
Stay tuned for a YA Travel design next week!
Happy YA Studio Saturday Update!

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