Saturday, August 8, 2020

Sew Big YA Studio

 2 weeks ago I started drafting a new bag pattern.  I wanted to make something big and colorful and useful and so I started writing notes with measurements and ideas and spent my free time thinking of how I would design my new bag. I had several pages of drawings and notes until I felt confident that my pattern would work. I was SEW excited to start sewing.
Introducing the YA Weekender!
A big bag that you can fill with everything you need for a weekend away or trip to the beach or just about anything you would like!
and of course the other side is just as colorful!
I love these colors so much!
I was so happy with my bag design that....
I designed a smaller version
The YA Getaway
Complete with interior pockets, a key fob and
side pockets - perfect for water bottles or an umbrella.
And I loved the YA Weekender and the YA Getaway so much that.....
I designed an even smaller version so there could be a trio!
Introducing the YA Go!
Choose Your Perfect Size
For any occasion! 
We are accepting orders now.
Our first YA Getaway Order. 
Customer asked for a blue colorway and...
a dark colorway
with a bright interior!
Available now at YA Studio

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