Saturday, September 26, 2020

Some Days

We had another fun and busy week in the Y Acres Studio!
Amelia finished another quilt
The customer requested an oversize Queen size quilt in shades of green
Feels like Spring!
Off to its new home!
And the second she finished that was time to make a new quilt!
Keep Going!!!
Time to quilt!
Only thing missing is a hot cup of cocoa!
I worked on embroidering Austin's logo for his dog training
and since I was all set up for embroidery....Amelia suggest that I work on 
Criss Cross Embroidery Aprons!
Tiger on one side
And a rooster on the reverse side
Because some days you feel like a tiger and can tackle the world!!!!!
and other days........ you are just happy you made it through the day!
No matter what today brings....
I am ready!
Happy Y Acres Studio Saturday!

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