Tuesday, September 29, 2020

National "The Only Way to Start the Day"

 Today is National Coffee Day.  Otherwise known as, "The only way to start the day."  Also known as, "How in the world can you survive without it." Also referred to as, "The elixir of life."  I am super lucky because Mr. Yesteryear Acres makes me a cup of coffee every single morning. 

I meant to say that Mr. Yesteryear Acres has the perfect cup of coffee waiting for me every morning when I wake up.  It has the perfect amount of demerara sugar, half and half and of course - LOVE. 
Which is extra nice of him because while he only likes plain black coffee....
 I prefer coffee with all the extras!!!!!!
This morning's cup of National Coffee Day looked like this
But definitely felt like this!
Thanks Mr. Yesteryear Acres for making every day National Coffee Day!

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