Saturday, September 12, 2020

Fits SEW Perfectly

This week the YAcres Studio was busy sewing Criss Cross Apron orders.  We love making them and love how they look!
They are comfy too!
Perks of being the mom...... getting to come to the studio!
We are making sure this apron fits SEW perfectly! 
Blue Feathers Apron 
with elephants on the reverse side 
These Criss Cross Aprons are on their way to 2 sisters! 
They are going to look great cooking in the kitchen together. 
And of course we spent some time coming up with a few more project ideas! 
This is the beginning of what will eventually be a quilted jacket 
And I sold my YA GO bag.....Again.  This is the 3rd bag I made JUST for me and I couldn't say no when someone wanted to buy it.
I am working on another YA GO bag. 
Wonder how long this one will be mine?
Happy Saturday Studio Update!

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