Friday, September 4, 2020

The Growing Tails of Ernie McDoodle: Happy 2nd Birthday Ernie!

We love getting doodle mail in our inboxes, and yesterday's inbox of birthday mail couldn't have been more PAWfect because... it is Ernie McDoodle's 2nd Birthday!!! We celebrated my goofy double doodle boy's birthday with new treats- Peanut butter banana treats and pumpkin treats, a new giraffe toy (RIP to old Mr. Flippy Floppy Giraffe. You were well loved) and of course the coveted musical cake toy.
Ernie! Did you know today is your Second Birthday?!
And you know what that means? Special treats and toys of course!
A singing cake just for you!
"MMMM...Tastes like birthday treats"
Look Ernie!! It's a new Mr. Giraffe!
"OH MY GOSH GIRAFFE!! He is in one piece!"
"I love him so much!"
Do you want a birthday treat?!
"Peanut butter and banana?! It really IS my birthday!"
"I love my PAWty Mom!"
And I love you Ernie McDoodle!
Big Birthday Hugs for the Big Birthday Boy 
To my sweet double doodle goofball Ernie McDoodle
Happy Second Birthday Bubba!!
I love you so much!



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