Saturday, September 19, 2020

YA Studio Here and Gone!

This has been a busy week for YA Studio!
I finally made a YA Go bag just for me! 
I totally love it!
And before I could even take it out of the studio,
it was purchased. 
Time to make another one! 
Getting all the pieces ready takes hours  
Whew. DONE! 
I totally love it!  I shall keep this one forever!
And then.... this one didn't leave the studio before it was sold either. 
This time I am going to pretend this bag is NOT for me 
There is no way I absolutely LOVE these colors 
Another YA Go bag that I love! 
I wonder if this one will leave the studio with me?!!!!
Amelia made some more face masks 
Super cute!  
Ready to make matching hair scrunchies to go with them as well.
Amelia also finished a custom queen size quilt. Going out in Monday's mail. We can't wait for them to open it! 
AND we were able to finish more Criss Cross Apron orders! 
Love the big blooms! 
Red Feathers with Guinea Flower pockets 
Wit and Wisdom Fall Apron  
I am FALLING in love with this apron!
The reverse side has a Patriotic theme
Ready for BBQ night!
And I was able to squeeze in one more apron order 
Thanks for the YA Studio orders!
We love bringing color into your world!

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