Wednesday, July 21, 2021

The Growing Tails of Agnes the Poodle- Mmmm Blueberries!

Agnes continues to make herself quite at home with me and at Yesteryear Acres. She is such a good girl and is proving to be a quick learner! Agnes is always looking to Ernie McDoodle on what she should do... and that includes loving blueberries! I was making blueberry banana pancakes for everyone the other night and noticed that I had TWO very eager helpers.

"What are you doing mom?"

"I think blueberries smell good..."
"Oh Agnes! YES we love Blueberries!"
"Here let me show you, look at the bowl and then look at Mom with your cutest face, and then she will give you one"
"Oh you are right Ernie! It is working!"
"Mmm this has a nice crunchy pop to it!"
"If you don't like it, I can clean it up for you, don't you worry little one."
"Oh my! That was so tasty!!!"
"Mmmmm I love blueberries!!! Can I have the rest please?"

Oh Agnes you silly sweet girl!!- Maybe just one more :)



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