Monday, July 26, 2021

Green Bean Dinner- Doodle Approved of Course!

 With all the green beans coming out of the Yesteryear Acres garden, I decided to look up some new vegetarian recipes that feature green beans as the star. I stumbled across a Greek dish called Fasolakia on Pinterest and got right to work!

First on the list, fresh picked green beans... Check!

But they needed to pass quality control before I prepared them for dinner
"This one seems good!"
SLUUURP "This one is good too!"
"Hmmm, want me to taste test the rest for you?"
"I feel like this is an excellent selection. Snipped to PAWfection"
Now that my green beans have passed the PAWlice... I added them to my tomato and potato base

Topped with lots of yummy herbs like parsley and dill. I let the green beans sit on top of the mixture for 15 minutes with the lid on.
After the initial 15 minutes, I stirred everything together and let it all braise for about 35-40 minutes covered in the pot. 
Once everything was nice and tender, I served the Fasolakia and topped our bowls with fresh mozzarella cheese (the recipe called for Feta, but we were unfortunately out of that cheese) 

And MMMMMMMM! It was super delicious!! Thank goodness there will be more green beans to pick soon!!

I can't wait to see what recipe I find next!



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