Friday, July 23, 2021

Veggie Fri-YAY

This vegetarian gal is JUMPING for joy this Fri-YAY!!! The Yesteryear Acres Garden is THRIVING and we got to pick some scrumptious fresh veggies!!! WOHOOO!! Thankfully I had some helpers to get things harvested  :) 
Come on Agnes! Let's explore the garden!
We have a lot of beautifully big broccoli
Its larger than my hand!
My basket apron is full of green goodness!!!
Guess I wore the right shirt today!! An herbivore's dream come true! 
The cabbage is starting to form perfect heads! I can taste the cabbage steaks already :) :) 
A sleepy cauliflower that can't wait to get eaten later this week
Once these ripen, it will be time for roasted tomato basil soup and Summer tomato sandwiches!! 
Mr. Yesteryear Acres' pepper patch is especially prolific this year
These look perfect for homemade pizza toppings!
Our first yellow cherry tomatoes
There is a realllly good chance these didn't make it back to the house... I don't know what happened! They jumped into my mouth, I SWEAR!
Baby Brussels sprouts!! Keep growing little cuties!
Just a few more weeks and we will be up to our EARS in sweet corn!
Then it will be time for fresh salsa verde with lots of tomatillos 
Agnes! You are such a good helper! Would you like to try a fresh picked green bean?
"Mmmm I didn't know I liked green beans!!"
We do too! We have lots to pick!
Thankfully I have another human to help me pick :) 
What a GREAT day to be a vegetarian!
My little veggie heart is so very full! - And so is my stomach!
Happy Veggie Fri-YAY!



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