Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Star Had To Go

Today was Christmas Cookie Decorating Day here at Yesteryear Acres.  It is one of our favorite holiday baking traditions!
We pretty much spend our entire time laughing while we decorate 
Even though we use serious decorating tools like tweezers!

Everybody loves snow globes!
So many cute cookies 
It will be hard to choose which cookie to eat first 
It can't be this one - Blue is due with her Double Doodle puppies Christmas week! 
It can't be this one - who eats a snowman? 
Or a snowman inside a snow globe! 
Scout says, "Can I have this one?" 
Everybody wants to eat a cookie but 
He's too cute to eat 
Don't eat me! 
MOM! You can't eat these! 
So many choices
QUICK! Amelia isn't looking!
You can always eat a star cookie!
Sorry Amelia! The star had to go first!

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