Saturday, December 17, 2016

Ice Skaters

Yesteryear Acres looked like a glistening ice castle this morning.  Everything was frozen. House, steps, grass, yard, driveway, sidewalk ..... everything.  
I only got to the first step before deciding not to venture any further.  
The ice continued to fall all morning. Every step was treacherous and we had to get crampons on our boots in order to navigate the frozen outdoors. I was worried about the puppies going outside for potty breaks but lo and behold - they did great!  Who knew we had ice skating doodles?  Even though the puppies did a bit of slipping and sliding, they LOVED it.  They were skating and playing on the frozen yard as if we made a special ice skating rink just for them.  Good job my sweet ice skating doodles.  Now if there were only a way I could be talented like that! 

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