Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Alone Again

Yes. It is true. I have been left alone at Yesteryear Acres once again. Last night my parents returned super late with an SUV full of goodies for humans and doodles alike. I thought that's GREAT! All the shopping has been completed! NOPE. I was wrong. Today my Mom and Dad left around 2:30 to drop off my brother's finicky truck to the truck shop as well as to go to some specialty stores. They have now been gone for hours and hours and hours. My theory is that they liked my cleaning so much they decided to leave me once again since the calendar says "clean downstairs and kitchen cabinets". I am wondering as December progresses if I will spend more and more time cleaning and working by myself rather than with company. I am wondering how many stores could possibly be in our area that requires my parents to be gone for so long. I am wondering if the Doodle doggies are getting tired of my singing and dancing as I dust and vacuum all the rooms. I have pretty much belted out every single holiday song at least five times in the last hour alone. *Points at Doodles* "ALLLLLL I WANNNNT FOR CHRISTMAS IS YOOOOOOOOUUUU"!!! Dear parents of mine. Please stop leaving me alone. I don't mind the work, but I think the doodles are getting tired of my "I am lonely" shenanigans. I am wondering if you will in fact be "HOOOME FOR CHIRSTMAAAAAAS"

Faaaalalalalalaaaaaaa PLEASE COME HOME!!!

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