Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Will They Return?

Hello! It's Amelia once again bringing you today's blog. We have been working hard on getting everything here at Yesteryear Acres ready for the holiday festivities. We have made lists upon lists upon lists. We have so many things written down that I have started color coding all of our notes (hey what are Program Managers for?! You are welcome Mom and Dad). Our calendar is a beautiful specimen of my color coded genius, everything is mapped out- right down to the meals of the day! We have lots of people in our family and extended honorary Yesteryear Acres family and luckily they are ALL COMING HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS!!! WOOHOO!!! This also means we need an egregious amount of food to sustain them all. You won't even believe how much food the Marines can eat just by themselves. So this afternoon my Mom, Dad, and I diligently wrote out a very very long detailed grocery list - including which store the item needed to be purchased from and the quantity. When I say long list I mean LONG LIST. My parents left approximately around 2:15pm and are still currently gone. I have been doing everything here at Yesteryear Acres to ensure we are still on schedule with our calendar of events. This includes our usual doodle work as well as cleaning the whole upstairs and EVERYTHING. Now that I have been working and cleaning for the last several hours ALL ALONE. I am starting to wonder if this grocery expedition was just a ploy to get out of cleaning the toilets!!! I am really starting to wonder if they will ever return to Yesteryear Acres. I am wondering if I am ever going to be able to go back to my house. I am really really wondering if I will ever get to eat dinner!!! Hopefully they come back soon with a SUV full of food for the holidays. Then this will all be worth it. COME HOME SOON PARENTS OF MINE!!!!

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