Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Be My Valentine

No holiday would be complete without a little Yesteryear Acres Doodle Doggie and Doodle Puppy photo shoot!
Setting up the perfect "Be My Valentine" backdrop 
Oh! A Heart Biscuit for me! 
Look! I am a Doodle Valentine! 
You take the cut out heart and....... 
I'll take the Valentine biscuit 
Time to sabotage this Valentines operation! 
Caught red-handed! 
Oh no! I've been turned into a Valentine Card! 
This just isn't my holiday! Back to the Doodle Doggies! 
That's Better!
A Valentine Biscuit???? 
For me? 
Hey....What more do I have to do to get a Valentine Biscuit??? 
I am giving you my best "Be My Valentine" look 
Finally a Valentine Biscuit for........ 
What do you mean that was for the picture? 
Tastes like Valentine's Day to me!!!!!
Happy Valentine's Day!

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