Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The Adventures of Mille Doodle

This week I have the pleasure of working with Millie! She is a 6 month old puppy from Nutmeg's past litter of double doodles. This week Millie's mission was to remember her manners and to stop eating everything in sight! So far she is doing wonderfully! We have gone on big walks, manner leash sessions, as well as some snuggling in between. She is SUCH a sweetheart and is really starting to catch on quickly. Some doodles are just SO smart that they know what they can get away with. Millie is adjusting to being my second shadow as we have gone back to tethering. I keep her with me everywhere I go. It helps me correct her not so desirable traits, AKA "CAN I EAT THIS? OR THIS??? NO WAIT...THIS???? every time. It also helps her learn that she in fact is NOT the doodle in command as she thought she was. As of today- day 3 of training- Millie is excelling at 'just being'. I have her sit with me and be in a down-stay. Not every second of every day does she have to be up and wandering about eating things. I like her to sit WITH me and learn how to just be a doodle. Millie is definitely getting a gold star! That is a hard one for doggies to learn. I am so proud of her already!!!!
From our first walk to the pond
She was ready to learn!
Her first big day lead to a much needed big night's sleep!

Look Amelia! I am only WATCHING 

I am even better on walks now!
Millie helped me find 2 deer antlers that were shed

What a good girl!!
And for anyone who is curious... This is currently my sleeping arrangements for this week (plus 2 cats too camera shy to be pictured here)

I can't wait for our adventure to continue Millie!



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